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Extensive Therapeutic Life Story Work

Laura holds a Diploma in Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW) 

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"

Maya Angelou

Girl Painting in Art Class
Girl Painting in Art Class

What is TLSW

Life Story Work in the UK has its roots in social work and child protection practices and emerged as a response to the need for better understanding the lives and backgrounds of children in care or those who were adopted.. Over the years, the approach of Therapeutic Life Story Work has gained prominence and adapted. It is recognised as a specialised therapeutic approach that helps individuals, particularly children and young people, to explore and make sense of their life experiences, including past traumas, losses, and significant events. The process involves creating a personal narrative or life story that incorporates their unique history, emotions, and relationships.

Therapeutic Life Story Work is often used in various contexts and is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, offering a therapeutic journey of self-discovery, growth, and emotional healing. Trained professionals guide and support individuals throughout the process, fostering a sense of safety and understanding to help them gain insights into their life story and experiences.


How does it help

Throughout her years of practice, Laura has adopted an integrative approach built from the methodology developed by Richard Rose. This approach serves to foster and enhance a nurturing relational environment between the child and their primary caregiver.

This process not only facilitates a deeper comprehension and acceptance of the child or young person's life history and fosters a more constructive and confident self-identity but also extends its benefits to the primary caregiver. They recognise the normalcy of challenges and gradually exhibit a transformation towards increased openness and reduced apprehension.

Children and young people experience a decreased preoccupation with uncertainties and fanciful thoughts due to their exposure to narratives. This often results in heightened tranquility and improved focus in their cognitive processes and behaviour.

Through this journey, the relational connection between the child and their primary caregiver flourishes. They cultivate mutual acceptance and an enhanced insight into one another's emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

This undertaking offers children a potent instrument for self-exploration, healing, and development. By delving into their life experiences and personal story, children gain a more profound awareness of themselves, construct resilience, and establish a sturdy groundwork for a future marked by positivity and self-empowerment.

Grandmother and Granddaughter
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