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Therapeutic Parenting 

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What is Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic parenting is an approach to parenting that focuses on meeting the emotional and developmental needs of children who have experienced trauma, neglect, abuse, or other adverse experiences. It is often used in situations where traditional parenting techniques may not be effective due to the child's history of complex emotional and behavioural challenges.

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How can therapeutic parenting help

Therapeutic parenting helps by providing a nurturing and supportive environment for children who have experienced trauma, loss, or other challenges. It focuses on building strong relational bonds, promotes emotional regulation, and addresses the underlying needs of the child. Therapeutic parenting strategies can help children feel safe, valued, and understood, leading to improved emotional well-being, behaviour, and overall development. It also supports parents in understanding and responding effectively to their child's unique needs, strengthening the parent-child relationship, and creating a positive and healing family dynamic.

Parents gain insights into how past experiences can influence a child's behaviour and emotions, leading to more empathetic and compassionate responses. Learning attachment-focused techniques helps parents create a safe and trusting environment, fostering a strong bond with their child. Adopting gentle and positive discipline strategies supports the child's emotional regulation and promotes healthier behaviour.


Recognising and responding to sensory challenges helps parents support their child's sensory integration and emotional well-being. Parents learn to support their child in developing resilience and coping skills, enabling them to navigate challenges more effectively.

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